Nuno Arruda's selfie

Hi! I'm Nuno Arruda.

I'm a Result-Oriented Frontend Angular Developer from Portugal. I have a passion to bring ideas to life while working remotely.

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I build amazing things with code.

I have a passion for translating beautiful designs into functional user interfaces and building great web applications.

  • Design to HTML

    I bring design concepts to life with HTML/CSS and I develop mobile-first and responsive web pages while keeping an eye on user experience, interaction, usability and accessibility.

  • Web apps

    I code software that runs in a web browser. Web apps are created in a browser-supported programming language (JavaScript) and relies on a web browser to render the app.

  • Hybrid apps

    I use web technologies to build mobile and desktop hybrid apps with tools like Ionic or Electron. Hybrid apps are cross-platform and are built with a single code base.

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